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I just got my Elvis signature pin in the mail which is now enjoying it's new home, on my blue coat! It's very shiny and sparkly, very Elvis style, I love it! (Along with that in the mail was my wonderful tax return cheque.) These are the best mailbox contents in a while. 
In other news, I can not wait till April 12th when Vladimir and I will be taking off for New York where we'll be staying for the whole 22 days!!! I am terribly excited, prepairing the things I need for the trip and writing down all the places I want to see.
As far as the clothing market/show went, I am very satisfied. It was a great learning experience. I had one sale and tons of great advice, plus the insight into what seems to be a great new possibility. I only have one bad thing to say about the whole affair-- Will I NEVER (said in a highly aristochratic English voice of a woman character played by a man with a mustache)  have a full time job and a full time hobby at the same time! It was EXHAUSTING!

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