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New York

We've been here for about five days now and it seems like we've already seen many things that were on our list. My impression of  this huge city are interesting in the way that they don't quite correspond to my original expectations and to the stories that I've heard about it. It may just be me, but New York doesn't seem as hectic as people describe it and New Yorkers are quite the opposite of being rude. 
On our day of arrival, Vladimir and I needed a nap badly, so we took our first walk in the city that evening. We took the subway down to the northern edge of Central Park and then walked down to the southern edge. That took us 50 minutes and answered a question of how big is Central Park really. Really big! The next day was monday, and since most museums were closed, we spent most of the day exploring the inside of Central park (which was beautiful), walked down 5th Avenue and in the evening we went to Times Square (where a big Elvis billboard hangs now).
Tuesday we first went to Harlem, walked right through it and then to  the Metropolitan Museum of Art, walked around the city more, went by the NY Public Library (which was closed, but we'll go in and take picutres another day). Wednesday we went to the Empire State building and walked around more in the southern Mahhattan,then to Little Italy.
*That night on return home, we came out of the train in Harlem at around 10pm and even though the area seemed sketchy, we went to the Appollo theatre (where James Brown started) just to see how it looks. IN front of it were a bunch of black kids on the side walk, with an opened van parked right by blasting music. They were dancing and some were gathered around cheering and singing. Some then joined in dancing. This was an awesome thing that was totally unexpected to us. It seemed as though something I could only see ina a movie because it seemed very authentic and the kids were very enthusiastic about it.
On thursday we went to the Museum of Modern Art.
Today we decided to sleep in because we were a bit exhausted from all the walking around and in the afternoon we went book shopping in the NYU area down town. There are lots of great places to eat and shop there, it's really liverly, but casual. We then went to a cinema to have coffee, then Liquor store to buy wine for a cheap American price and then we headed over to the west Greenwich village to a BYOB restaurant. That's right, you bring your own booze and eat the fabulous high end French food in Tartine which costed us as much as eating at Subeez in Vancouver. On the way back, we explored the whole area and there are tones of cozy restaurants, cafees (psychic advisors), and clubs there. Vladimir bought roses from a homeless guy, and then we sat on the train. 
This is the best part. On the subway in Times square, there was a black man playing guitar and singing beautifully! Everyone waiting for the train was either dancing, tapping their foot, singing or cheering. The atmosphere was insanely wonderful! There were people coming down, joining in, singing along. We were contemplating not getting on the next train because we wanted to enjoy this more, but luckily the train was late so we got to listen to him for a good 20 minutes. At the end, he got a huge clap from the station that became packed eventually and everyone got on their train smiling and happy. I can not believe how wonderful this experience was and am so glad that things like this still exsist. 
That's it for now, pictures are bing uploaded regularly to Flickr
ahhhhh, now Im very sleeeepy, nighty night!
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