moktir (moktir) wrote,

Europe [Kee Marcello] - Flight of the Bumblebee [Live]

I am almost certain that there isn't anybody on my friends list who cares at all about the 80s "light" metal guitar solos, but I couldn't resist not posting this. When I was 13 and living in Croatia as a refugee, one evening on our b&w small dial tv played a live rock concert that I came accross. I let it play for a few minutes just to see if I can recognise it, and then I heard what is on this youtube video. I still can't figure out how a little girl who knew nothing but Queen and some classical music could have gotten so impressed by something like this, but I was just stunned, watching with my mouth open. My mom even came over to see what kind of a strange sounding performance of Rymsky-Korsakov's flight of a Bumblebee this was.... To this day, I am completely smitten by this,and just had to share.
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